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Raw Gas Smell after Driving

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Tonight, my wife went to the garage to take out the garbage and mentioned that she smelled gas. This was not a faint odor, but a distinct raw fuel smell which was noticeable throughout the garage. I poked around a bit and noticed the smell was mostly coming from the left side air intake of my Boxster. There was no smell in the cabin - only from the outside, and no dripping was seen underneath the car. I drove it to work today so the car was fully warmed up. I have occasionally noticed a bit of a fuel smell in the garage at times, but it was never this strong and I always thought it was from my lawn mower. Of course, I am getting it checked out as soon the dealer can get me in, but would like to ask if others have noticed anything like this.
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I especially wouldn't park a car I suspect is leaking fuel inside my garage.
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