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Raw Gas Smell after Driving

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Tonight, my wife went to the garage to take out the garbage and mentioned that she smelled gas. This was not a faint odor, but a distinct raw fuel smell which was noticeable throughout the garage. I poked around a bit and noticed the smell was mostly coming from the left side air intake of my Boxster. There was no smell in the cabin - only from the outside, and no dripping was seen underneath the car. I drove it to work today so the car was fully warmed up. I have occasionally noticed a bit of a fuel smell in the garage at times, but it was never this strong and I always thought it was from my lawn mower. Of course, I am getting it checked out as soon the dealer can get me in, but would like to ask if others have noticed anything like this.
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Hope that there's a punchline to this that isn't posthumous...
Relieved. In the UK some houses here have off-peak power storage heaters. The internal elements heat up red hot inside thermal storage bricks. Daytime they slowly release their energy. Simple and effective.

One downside is that if you polish shoes, for instance, nearby the next night's 'heat storage process' burns off the now embedded waxy residue on the red hot wire elements inside. Resulting pong is REALLY pervasive and not a little noxious. Hangs about a lot. To any who haven't lived with these things and correctly deduced the source it can appear quite mysterious and worrying.

Not limited to shoe polish, paints (particularly the oil-based ones), cleaners or perfumes and, of course, anything nominally hydrocarbon-based ...or even opioids. Not saying you're smoking something wacky down there in the garage but those storage heaters might reveal more than you'd expect : - ) YMMV
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