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Realistic pricing on a base 718 Cayman?

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I'm pricing out a 2019 Cayman (base). I'm really not looking for any options, either -- likely Guards Red with a 6MT and nothing else. The Configurator gives me a price of $57,950. I'm assuming that's MSRP.

If I asked a dealer to order this exact car, is it realistic to expect a discount under MSRP? If so, what is common/reasonable?

Thanks for the insight.
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My moderately optioned 981 Cayman Base allowed me to get a 5% discount from my dealer when I ordered it. I am getting 5% off my more heavily optioned 2019 on order from the same dealer. And, when I begin the ordering process my SA, Dylan, is great in the amount of time he will spend over a period of weeks going back and forth about the ideal configuration. He knows me well and makes great suggestions consistent with how I think about things and how I drive. When I am ready to pull the trigger, he always seems to be able to come up with the allocation. If you keep current on the 2019s, you will see that right now they are pretty dear and yet, we had no trouble placing the order. All this coupled with them being good about the trade in value I receive and the level and quality of service and overall ongoing treatment from this dealer makes the discount more than fair. Net net.....if you are just shopping price, maybe 5% is average or a bit low but if you are shopping total value received, then, 5% is excellent-to me.
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