Edit - I'm no longer looking very hard for this part. Feel free to contact me if you have one at a good price, but I'm not actively looking right now.

My recently purchased 2018 CB is Rhodium silver, but was originally spec'd with gloss black rear spoiler and door handles. I think I'd really prefer the spoiler at least to be silver.

So is there anyone here that has put a ducktail or carbon spoiler on their RSM 718 and would be willing to sell the painted part?

Or maybe someone with a RSM 718 would like to have a black spoiler and would like to trade?

Or, lacking a RSM part, I'm open to most any color to have painted if the price and condition are good.

A long shot, I know. But I have to ask before I look into having mine (or a new one) painted. Part number is 982 827 934 E, number 1 in the diagram.