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Recommendations please, for dealership to perform service in NYC, NY, NJ

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My 2018 718 CS (CPO) came with a service contract (pre-paid 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k mi.).

I will be in NYC for a while and the 20k service is coming up. The Porsche dealership in Manhattan (Manhattan Motor Cars) is one option, but I think that they represent many luxury brands, so the mechanics may not be solely for Porsche.

I am open to suggestions in NY, NJ and Long Island. I am looking for a dealership with good reputation for service/maintainance/repairs.

I will be doing the bracket recall as well.
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I've been to both Porsche South Shore in Long Island and Manhattan Motorcars. While Manhattan Motorcars does have multiple brands, they definitely are a full fledged Porsche dealer, you'll deal with a Porsche SA and everything like the other dealers. The other brand they carry are low volume (Bugatti, Lamborghini) type cars, when I was there I only saw Porsches in the service bay. It's more like a Porsche dealership with some mechanics specializing in those other brands.

Ultimately they're all just VW ?
Thank you for your input!

Do you have experience with Porsche South Shore?
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