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I have noticed that anything plugged into the 12V outlet or the USB port in the glove box has power for about 30 minutes after the car is turned off. Now, this was initially a welcomed feature as I had my dash cam hooked up and it would keep recording while the car was parked, potentially picking up anything that might happen in the parking lot.

However, I noticed that ever since I wired up my dash cam, the reliability of the key fob has been very hit and miss. After doing some Googling on here and elsewhere, as well as some troubleshooting on my own, I have determined that the energized dash cam is interfering with the signal from my key fob.

So, short of having to wire up the dash cam to a switched fuse, is there a way to turn off the retained power on the power/USB ports? Is it something the dealer can do or do? I know I can call the dealer and ask, but wanted to check here first.
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