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Dan Gurney has died at age 86.

Gurney was the quintessential, good-looking All American, Kalifornia Kid who was one of the nicest guys in racing.

Among other things, he took the only F1 win for Porsche (in the 804 open-wheeler).

And one could say his connection with Porsche resulted in his life-long happiness. During his time at Porsche he met his wife, Evi who was the secretary to Porsche Racing Manager Huschke von Hanstein.

Dan and Evi has a famously happy marriage.....a tough thing to accomplish considering his career.

Probably most of us are instantly familiar with the tradition of a racer spraying everyone with champagne after winning a race. Gurney started this tradition after he won LeMans in a Ford GT40 in '67. He impulsively took the bottle of Moet that he was handed and instead of drinking from it, he shook it and spraying everyone standing near the winner's podium (including Henry The Deuce).

I saw Dan racing Mustangs and later the AAR Cudas at Bridghampton and Lime Rock in the 60s and early 70s.

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