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Rock Chips Lower Front of Rear Fender?

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Is anyone else experiencing a material chipping of paint on the front lower section of the rear fenders? I'll get a picture of mine when I get home this evening. But, there is a lot of nicks in the paint from kicked up road debris on both sides for me. All of my other cars appear to come with some clear plastic protection from the factory. On the Cayman, it's exposed.

I'm currently at just over 8K miles on the clock.
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I can understand this happening behind the wheels. Here's a shot behind my passenger side rear wheel. You can pick up some limited pits and marks from road debris being kicked up.

My issue is, I have even more pits and chips in FRONT of the rear wheels (i.e. between air intake and rear wheel). While the following image is from the passenger side, I have the same types of marks in front of the driver's side wheel.

I'm even getting chips at the air intakes.

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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