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Rock Chips Lower Front of Rear Fender?

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Is anyone else experiencing a material chipping of paint on the front lower section of the rear fenders? I'll get a picture of mine when I get home this evening. But, there is a lot of nicks in the paint from kicked up road debris on both sides for me. All of my other cars appear to come with some clear plastic protection from the factory. On the Cayman, it's exposed.

I'm currently at just over 8K miles on the clock.
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My '18 base 718 is around the same miles and the areas below the rear air intakes look similar to yours, though a bit less noticeable as my car is Night Blue metallic so the chips are somewhat camouflaged. As that piece is plastic I weighed the cost of having it wrapped vs. having it replaced/repainted at some point down the road, and it seemed more or less even from a cost standpoint. Also, there's no risk of corrosion on a plastic piece, so I'm not too upset about it. My car is a daily driver year-round in southeastern PA, so I expect to get some chips, etc. along the way.
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