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Roof String Tensioner

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Hi, What is the purpose of these strings, I assume its to create some tension.
On one side mine is hanging down, seems its broken off its holder, however the roof works perfectly.

Anyone else had this issue.


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Roof diagram...

This guy knows his way around the 981/718 roofs, might be worth pinging him...https://www.planet-9.com/threads/boxster-roof-pleat-cord-failure-and-diy-fix.247669/
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Hi IborgUK, I did read that read yesterday but he seems to be talking about something else. will try him anyway.

BTW the strings don't show on that Porsche diagram

Yes re diagram , just gives an idea the component layout in the roof.
Be interested to hear how you get on.
I'm guessing that piece has snagged on something during a fail in the roof operation ?
He said - Those strings pull the liner into place when the roof is raised.
The roof works perfectly :)
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