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I love the Satin Platinum wheels on my '22 CGTS! I've never been a fan of black wheels, usually preferring the more traditional silver wheel finish on all my cars. But Satin Platinum is a great wheel finish, because it's dark enough that even a moderate coating of brake dust doesn't scream "dirty wheels" like it would with the optional silver wheels. It also provides some contrast to my GT Silver exterior. I'm super happy with the decision, even though it was an extra $600 for this wheel finish.

The configurator pictures definitely don't do Satin Platinum justice. I happened to be visiting another dealer to check out the racing bucket seats while I was waiting for my build to lock, and they had a Gentian Blue CGTS with the Satin Platinum wheels in the showroom awaiting an engine swap. Imho, these wheels look even better in person than in pictures, because the eye does a better job of picking out all the subtle color and contrast differences.

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Looks incredible on GT silver
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