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Serpentine / Accessory Belt Replacement Guide

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I just hit 60,000 miles and replaced my serpentine belt.

It was difficult to find information on how to complete this task for the 4-cylinder 718 series of Caymans & Boxsters, so I decided to compose the attached PDF document to help other members of the forum.

Please note that you will need a 30mm socket to operate the belt tensioner. During my research I found that most of the older Boxster and Cayman vehicles use a 24mm socket which is way too small for our 718 4-cylinder vehicles.

The 30mm large socket is only real "special" tool you will need. All of the other equipment will more than likely already be in your tool collection.

Please feel free to make additions and/or comments that might help others complete this task.

Thank you and Happy Porsching!


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Thank you jns211! I've got a long way to go before I get to 60k but I really appreciate the effort of documenting the process. I saved the file in my maintenance folder but at the rate I'm going it might sit there for 8 or 10 years before I need it. Hopefully, when I'm 60 something, I'll still be able to change a belt.
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