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Should I get the GTS or S?

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I originally wanted the GTS for the slightly bigger compressor wheel but with only 20 whp extra vs S when tuned. I will definitely be modifying the suspension as well so don't need the 20mm drop that the gts comes with as well. Probably rare track usage so not sure I need that extra radiator either. So besides that and the badge, are there any other reasons I should opt for a GTS? It seems they are a good $10K-$15K higher in the used market as well and much more rare (and yes I get the resell value will be a bit better).

Also maybe a hybrid turbo in the pipeline in the next couple of years?
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IMO, if you are indifferent about which one you want, then you buy the cheaper one.

I got the GTS because I specifically wanted the third radiator, the black bits and the Alcantara ( in addition to the performance options) . Otherwise I probably would be enjoying an S right now.
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