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Signal Booster Option Code 9ZE - How to Register

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My new Boxster has Option code 9ZE, "Smartphone Compartment". Assuming I understand it correctly, it includes a active bi-directional RF signal amplifier with an outside antenna to provide an amplified signal in the smartphone compartment. This is in contrast to other cars that simply use passive antennas to accomplish the same thing but not as effectively.

A few days ago I received a card from Porsche stating "BEFORE USE, you MUST REGISTER THIS DEVICE with your wireless provider ...". (The caps are Porsche's) The card included the pertinent data that AT&T (in my case) will ask for.

Yesterday, I spent over 90 frustrating minutes on the phone with AT&T reps all over the world and no one had a clue what to do. They all spoke fluent English but not one could communicate fluently in English. One rep said she could help but I had to bring the signal booster into my house. Clarifying that it is an integral part of a 3,100 Lb car did not appear to influence her perceived need to bring it inside my house. Another rep transferred to me to someone within Porsche but she was also clueless and insisted I had to go to an AT&T brick and mortar store to register it. As expected, the store personnel had a deer in the headlights look when I explained what I needed. However, the store manager gave me a phone number and suggested I call it. So, I just called 866-595-1334 and at was cheerfully answered "AT&T Connected Car". I reached a tech rep in Western Europe that was obviously born with an intact well functioning brain. He immediately understood what I needed but he also immediately understood he did not how know to do it. After a short hold he stated "no one here has a clue so I will need to call you back". He took my number and called back in less than 30 minutes with a solution.

Go to Goolge and search for "at&t register signal booster".
The first and top hit is:"AT&T signal booster registration".
That takes you to:[FONT=&quot] https://securec45.securewebsession.com/attsignalbooster.com/

[FONT=&quot]Fill out the form and your apparently done. I say apparently because now I have to figure out how to verify it really works.

[FONT=&quot]I was amazed that registering the signal booster was such an arcane and mysterious task considering how many prior to me probably had to do the same thing. I hope this helps someone(s) in the future avoid the wasted time, frustration, and just plain annoyance, of dealing with AT&Ts off shore support teams.[/FONT]
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Look forward to your report on whether it makes any difference. But how can you confirm that it wasn't working before. I ask because it appears that "activation" is simply filling out a form. My Cayman also has that option but I have never confirmed it was doing its' boost thing (or not). BTW, I also have AT&T and applaud your tenacity for dealing with - how best to put it - dipsticks. I don't recall receiving any info from Porsche about registering the booster. What sort of info was provided?
I also have the phone compartment/booster and I have no hard numbers to back up my impression that it does help strengthen the signal. When I received my "welcome" package from Porsche USA, there was a card in there reminding me to register my booster with my carrier. It uses the VIN as the serial number and has a manufacturer listed (I believe). The registration has nothing to do with function. Apparently it goes back to earlier boosters that were sometimes overpowered and the requirement is in order to single out a malfunction booster and contact the owner. This is my understanding. I thought I got the web address for registering off here, but I can't find it now. So it is good it is listed. I originally Googled it and book marked for when I got my car delivered.
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