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Just discovered the 718 Forum today.
Traded in my 2008 Cayman S for a new 718 Cayman S almost 1 year ago now.
I've done a few minor mods - short throw shifter, clear Euro front side marker lamps, and red-delete rear taillights.
Right now my Michelin Pilot Alpin Winter tires are mounted on the stock 19" wheels (it's my daily driver).
Considering options for the Spring - Porsche 20" Carrera "S" wheel/tire set from Suncoast, 19" BBS LM-R wheels with the original Summer tires re-mounted, 20" O.Z. LEGGERA HLT with Pirelli P Zero N1 rubber from Tire Rack, etc.
So many choices!
Anyway, glad to be here in the 718 community.

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As far as tyres go there are many preferences.

Tyrereviews.co.uk has a large collection of reviews from all over Europe.
One interesting review reminded readers that despite the large differences that the graphs seem to show, in reality the differences across the top-rated tyres was less than 5%! Small differences have been magnified by graph scale selections.

Another says that tyres differ considerably between the US and Europe, although whether that's true for Porsche homologated tyres I have no idea.

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I'm in the eastern US, where it can snow and get cold, but I don't plan on using my 718 in the Winter very much so I still run the Summer tires it came with.

In my case, that's 18" Goodyear F1s. With the condition of the roads in many parts of my area, the 18" tires, with deeper sidewalls, make sense. But I know I'll be looking at swapping tires to a different brand when they wear out (currently 7700 miles). The F1s are fine but they seem to be super noisy and I wouldn't mind something that is quieter.

Anyway, Spring is coming! Enjoy!
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