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"Skipping" gears on a PDK

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Bear with me as question unfolds

I really enjoy a healthy pull off from a light or on the open turnpike when traffic opens up but want to keep my license and so excessive speed is not my game. With a stick shift I would often row from 1 to 3 but if continued onto the natural progression I would likely be significantly exceeding the speed limit and so instead of going to 4 I would move directly to 5th and then essentially coast along at a reasonable speed and 3000 RPM

With a PDK in manual I cant do that and so often find myself rapidly shifting from 3rd to 5th to achieve the same goal with almost no time spent in 4th. Seems to work well but I find that the shift from 4th to 5th often has a real jolt to it as if the car doesn't love the fact that I by passed any real time in 4th. Once in 5th RPMS settle out at around 3K. Same thing happens on the highway after spirited acceleration up to 4th gear and if I then choose to "Skip" 5th and go straight to 6 I tend to feel that jolt

I am used to the jolt with spirited driving but I guess I did not expect it at that point. Does this mean that the car does not love what I am doing. Is the idea of "skipping gears" on PDK in manual reasonable. I don't believe I am lugging the engine as I am usually still at least 3K RPM.

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I don’t have an explanation, but since 3rd and 5th share the same clutch, perhaps the rapid shift is preventing the clutch from disengaging quickly enough between gears.
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