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Spacers on your 718?

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Just lowers my car on Techart springs. And the car sure would look perfect with some spacers on it. But I hate to mess with the footprint of the car. Would putting on a 5mm on front and 10mm on the rear hurt the handling of the vehicle? Hate to mess with Porsche engineering that much.
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Generally widening track with spacers will improve handling on cornering but probably not noticeable unless you are recording track times.

If you have OEM wheels why not go +10 front and +10 rear to keep the same front/rear staggered ratio.

It will definitely improve your stance :)
Hi Folks,

I have Suncoast 7mm front and 15mm rear's on our Cayman GTS, with PASM + (20mm lower than standard) - no rubbing issues and looks great and fills out the guards well. The rear is just in line with the body work and the front just inside the body work.

Ive only taken it for a quick 25km or so blast through some twisty and average roads with sport suspension enagaged and not engaged there was no rubbing issues or driving changes. Turn in was great. While only a short drive, the slight amount of understeer that i'd picked up on a couple of occasions when entering a corner too quickly, seemed not to be there - but I need to do some more km's to fully understand.

Will update over time.

Great info. Can you post any photos of the stance?
That's really interesting that there is a factory Porsche part for 981 GT4 spacers. Do you know what sizes they came in?

Shame there is no factory part for the 982/718 as in Australia strictly speaking we are not permitted install spacers unless they are factory fitted. Although most people turn a blind eye and this law is probably there to prevent stupidity.

I think it would be very unlikely that your wheel spacer would cause an accident or mechanical failure, unless you installed the wrong ones or did not tighten or upgrade the wheel bolts properly.

I know on BMW and Audi you must use the hubcentric spacers and proportionally longer bolts. I assume Porsche is the same.

Good comment about possible increased paint chipping. Though I think all Porches need PPF in those vulnerable areas regardless.
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Yeah I have resisted putting spacers on our newer cars due to potential insurance issues but then I think its unlikely that they would notice or look for them. Same can be said about a tune.

I agree, the 718 Carrera S wheels would look better sitting out a little more though I probably wont bother with spacers as I think the performance gains are minimal and the cars already look that good and I'd rather not have the potential headache on such an expensive car.

The other option I've considered is looking out for a set of 981 GT4 wheels or purchasing a set if I win Lotto, but probably worth waiting for the 718 GT4 road wheels to come out.

By my calcs in comparison with the 718 Carrera S wheels the 981 GT4 wheels would sit out another 8mm at the rear and 2mm at the front so a little bit better stance and wider rims front and rear.

I think David's Techart post with the 911 Carrera IV wheels is also a consideration which compared to the 718 Carrera S wheels by my calcs gives an extra 14mm at the front and 8mm at the rear. So maybe a little too much at the front but his car certainly has great stance.

Interestingly, the 718 Carrera Sport wheels sit out an extra 6mm at the front and 4mm at the rear compared with the 718 Carrera S wheels but not sure if its that noticeable.

I think with an extra layer of PPF in those vulnerable areas would help with any potential stone chips.
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