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Spacers on your 718?

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Just lowers my car on Techart springs. And the car sure would look perfect with some spacers on it. But I hate to mess with the footprint of the car. Would putting on a 5mm on front and 10mm on the rear hurt the handling of the vehicle? Hate to mess with Porsche engineering that much.
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Hi Folks,

I have Suncoast 7mm front and 15mm rear's on our Cayman GTS, with PASM + (20mm lower than standard) - no rubbing issues and looks great and fills out the guards well. The rear is just in line with the body work and the front just inside the body work.

Ive only taken it for a quick 25km or so blast through some twisty and average roads with sport suspension enagaged and not engaged there was no rubbing issues or driving changes. Turn in was great. While only a short drive, the slight amount of understeer that i'd picked up on a couple of occasions when entering a corner too quickly, seemed not to be there - but I need to do some more km's to fully understand.

Will update over time.

I expect deliver of my car Weds/Thurs this. Curious if you might provide an update on your experience. Unless something changes - I'll do spacers once car arrives (Manhattan, NY to Manchester, NH). Has TECHART Springs, but they want $575 for spacers. So,.... passed on them. If they call tomorrow and offer me a deal - mayhap.
I truly appreciate the timely response. After I asked you, thought I'd ask the dealership for part# of the H&R spacers they use as part of their $575 upgrade package. You're NOT going to believe this. Between the time I asked the question in forum and you responded, I received an email from Tico (Manager of Manhattan Motorwerks), "I am happy to tell you it has the spacers, at no extra cost!" The entire story defies belief. Went on the road, 23 May, '19, with TECHART Progressive Lowering Springs ($2,850), GIAC Performance Calibration ($2,495), H&R Wheel Spacers 7/15mm ($575), BMC High Flow Air Filter ($548), and came back to dealership on 4 June w/600 miles on it. They reset computer and replaced the air filter. We discussed it and it went back in for $1,500. Since it's CPO - 43 more months of original warranty and 2-years of CPO warranty. $80K The rest of the discussion came about because I didn't understand about the Springs. Researching those lead me to this. Car looked REAL familiar. Questions led to reinstallation of GIAC tuning package....

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