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Spare wheel

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If you punctured the wheel, when there is no help. How will you cope with this? In the cayman there is no spare wheel and there is no compressor. If you get into this situation far from the city, it will not be easy for you to cope

Who got in this situation earlier?
In bmw is runflat, in macan - compressor. How to be with 718?)
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My friend there is indeed a compressor.......
Where is he located? Today pierced the wheel on the forest road, had to wait for the tow truck)
OK. Understood) in the future I will order myself such a thing


When I next go to the mountains and the forest to admire nature, I'll take a spare tire)
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And does anyone use runflat on the 718 Porsche? Or do you think this is "mauveton"
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