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Speaking of the MX-5....

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The new Miata is being slowly teased, we should be seeing it any day now...

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It's design reminds me of the BMW Z4 and other BMW roadsters.
Well, they're both in segments that speak to similar needs, just that the Z4 is the baller way to go about it.
It's still a Porsche but when looking at it and those two, it's closer the Miata than the Z4.
a few renders of the newly released Miata

Wow, those guys were quick, now i really want to see what people will do to it in the real world when it comes to looks and performance.
I like that intercooler :D
Can't wait to hear what the new miata sounds like while N/A and what it sounds like when boosted!
Wow that coupe rendering is awesome. I'm even more interested in seeing what it will look like when people will modify it.
Not sure what that will be like
but going off of what they have done so far, I wouldn't be worried about how it will turn out.
I hope you're right because i think that's something which will really help it look better,
1 - 8 of 22 Posts
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