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Sport Chrono on head unit.

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Hi. Can anyone check if you have sport chrono menu on head unit under button car? I dont have navigation and connect+, but have sport chrono option and cant find its menu on head unit. I have only clock and sport chrono menu on dashboard. But in the instruction is written that it should be on head unit...
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Page 236 of the manual says it is under the "Car" button of PCM. See attached.
Shure. But I dont have "SC" button at PCM at all... I have only "Trip", "Assist" and "Set"....
You need navi/connect+ package for that, also the ability to save your own Circuit etc etc
You are right, and if you dont have pcm with navi and connect+ from factory- SC will not appear on head unit, and it is impossible now to change head unit.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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