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Sport chrono retrofit

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Naive question but I'm still bit frustrated not to have the SC on my (coming) 718S. Any retrofit option? I did not find anything but getting at least the nice chrono on the dashboard should not be too difficult...
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First and foremost, congrats with the car!

Your interior has me scratching my head in regards to spec. I note it has high gloss interior trim and also trim on the doors. The trim on the doors normally comes with the full leather interior package, at least according to the configurator that is currently up.

Aside from that, what I can tell from the pic above is you have the following options:
  • Standard Interior - Leather Seats
  • Smokers Pack
  • GT Steering Wheel
  • Multifunction heated Steering Wheel
  • Looks like you have Auto HVAC
  • Yellow Seat Belts
  • Cruise Control
  • PASM

Good luck with the car!

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1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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