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Sport Seats Plus - Did you try before you bought?

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I will admit, I have a thing about car seats. I am extremely picky and would never buy a car without getting some decent seat time first. I'm a thin guy without much padding on the backside but I also have long legs so I need a seat that cushions me the right way but also has enough thigh support. I hear the Sport Seats Plus are much more comfortable than the standard seats and most places seem to recommend them even over the 14 way power seats.

Those of you who opted for Sport Seats Plus, were you able to try them out before you purchased? I have just started taking a look at dealerships in the area (and we have two in the metro Atlanta area) but it doesn't seem like those are a normally stocked dealer option with most having either the standard seats or the 14 way power seats.

The upside is I have plenty of time but I will definitely want to try a 718 with the Sport Seats Plus before I make a final purchase decision.
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I'm short but I think the 14 way seats would be great for tall people because one of the settings extends the base of the seat further forward so that it provides more support for long legs.
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