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Spyder-less in Ottawa Ontario Canada

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Hi friends new member - on allocation list which I guess is Porsche purgatory ( I must have been a bad boy cause just started and no end in sight, who knows if I will ascend to Spyder heaven😁😇 or descend to Spyder-less damnation😭👿…) Anyhow, looking for advice on potential builds and looking forward to living vicariously through you guys in the interim!
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Welcome to a fellow Ottawan. I assume you are dealing with Mark Motors? What did they tell you?
Welcome! I'm in a similar boat as you. I also placed an order for a Boxster from Mark Motors two months ago, waiting for the allocation. It's rough. There are a lot of Porsche owners here in Ottawa, so I imagine there's a pretty long waiting list. The SA I was dealing with didn't want to give details in that regard, other than the fact that we'd be looking at a year plus wait.
Welcome to our madness! You came to the right group for therapy. This will be fun. Get out the prayer sticks, juju beads, insense burners, dice, ouija board and anything else available up North.
Welcome from a fellow traveller trying to reach Spyder heaven.
Yes Mark Motors - not sure where I stand - I know there are at least a couple on waiting lists ahead of me. Too be honest I Kind of told my wife that it probably will not be until 2023 until I get one - if it came earlier - I may have some ‘splain’n to do! Still have to be prepared that I will not be lucky. Roll of the dice, a few prayers - I was told there was supposed to be two builds coming in June.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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