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While waiting on my allocation / order, I stopped by my dealer today and sat in a 718 to poke around for fun. I was kind of surprised at the storage options. Besides the frunk and hatch of course, the doors have the pop-out door storage, but I never noticed the speaker-area door storage.

But my main point, is there is a surprising amount of room behind the seats. I think I could easily fit my laptop backpack behind one, and 2 six-packs behind the other. (Work vs play) Have y'all found this space versatile? I really like the Covercraft UVS100 foldable foam-core windshield specific to my VW GTI, so I just might be able to fit the Cayman version of that windshield behind the seats due to the surprising amount of space there.
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Here are a few storage accessories you may find useful to include the front trunk liner, rear trunk liner, and the rear cargo net (image attached).

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Those look perfect. I will almost certainly ask for those for Christmas time since I hope to have my 718 in the States in November. Hey, both together are cheaper than the $380 leather fuse box cover. :p
Congratulations! If your anything like me you will continue to agonize over the configurator until it goes V250.
Everything Porsche is overpriced but they have and will continue to get away with it but there are several clever, cost effective solutions stated above.
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