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So, I'm a Porsche rookie and I know it. So for months I've been reading the online owners manual, committing to a very faulty memory all sorts of facts and tidbits. But I don't remember seeing this, and it is probably because it should be obvious for people who have regular cars with regular trunks (which I don't and haven't for decades - this is my story and I'm sticking to it).

Our condo garage is in the basement of the building, and not particularly well-lit. So, this weekend, after bringing home Carmen the Cayman on Friday afternoon, I've been spending some quality time with her and programming things to my own liking, etc. This morning I thought I'd look in the frunk and see that everything is there and that I know how to access it. I open the lid and see, on the front left, a handle with what I soon recognized as a phosphorescent grip to the handle. But that took a moment. I saw the handle and I pulled it. There is an electronic-sounding clunk. "Hum," I think and continue my exploration. Meanwhile, a fellow denizen of the building comes up oohing and ah-hing about my new sporty car. I'm pointing things out and at the back, I saw the rear hatch was open, so I opened it further to show the back stowage area, and firmly closed it. It ran through my head, "Why was that unlatched?"

I go back to the frunk after that conversation, and pull the lever again, just to see if it still made the same noise, and of course it did. I pull out the tool kit to see if its all there, and it is, and then I had a hard time putting it back in place. I'll have to practice that. While having a little struggle with that, another neighbor walks up. "Where's the engine?" he asks. So I show him where the engine is from the side view, took him to the back, and dang, that rear hatch is open again! So I open it again to show this fellow the hump above where the engine is, explaining how wonderful a mid-engine car is for handling curves.

I'm thinking of connecting a pseudo-permanent hookup on the battery for a trickle charger, so I was looking closely for the best way to connect a negative wire to the grounding post and then it hits me. Why, I don't know but I've seen something like it in my wife's sedan. That handle in the frunk not only opens the front lid of the car (if you found yourself stuck there) when you pull it, but also the back lid.

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