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This might help:
Temporarily Importing Cars from Europe
Non-residents or visitors can temporarily import a car from Europe for up to one year. This import has to correspond with the car owner’s arrival into the country to be valid. Cars imported this way do not have to conform to US standards, but sale is prohibited. A major restriction is the car must leave the country before the year expires. In many cases this type of import is used for events, tours, or races as they don’t need to be in the country for long.

To start shipping a car from Europe to the US, please fill out our online quote form or call in at 1-562-408-6677.

I think you'd have an epic trip and we would love to have you tour.....
This is awesome , thank you very much!

Around 15 years ago I planned a road trip with my motorbike from east coast to west coast (involving local model specific bike club) .
But life suddenly said NO.
Now it would be something similar .
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