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First...Thanks to all that posted before about sound upgrading the 718! There is a lot of great info in this Forum!!!! Thanks to Advanced Car Stereo (Damian (who made the vision into play) - Ramin (the Owner) - and Alex (Magical Installer)) that were able to modify with success my 718.

Thanks to this post without it...would have been very difficult to achieve: Cayman sound system upgrade (re-installed in Spyder now) | Porsche 718 Forum

Thanks also to this post without it...no back/butt massage. PCM 4.0 Audio Upgrade to Base Sound System - Details 2021 | Page 3 | Porsche 718 Forum

There is not a lot of room to hide components in this car and so...this 718 Forum totally made the difference!

The stock SPP Sound Package Plus comes without navigation and I transformed it from a 6 loudspeaker 110Watts to a full android/iphone/Nav 13 speaker 1000 Watt system complete with DSP and 3 Subwoofers.

Honestly, the stock Porsche 718 SPP system is pretty bad. It distorts at 70-75% full volume level and I was trying to recreate the sound feeling I had in my BMW M6 convertible. I saw those who went digital...I almost went that way...but since this Forum allowed me to conclude that my head unit was flashed analog, I would have added parts and install cost to reflash my analog head to optical, getting a NAVTV ZEN-V and the ZEN-V-PRG. No regrets but there is a part of me that would like to know the actual effect of a clean digital path to the amps. I can say that the way Alex installed it with the analog outputs going to the DSP, I have full volume range without clipping and to be candid...with that 1000W of power...if I ran it past 75% volumne all the time...I most certainly will go deaf.

When the sunlight hits it just right...no filters.
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The system is complete with a complete clean hack with full android (or iphone) gps map - gps - youtube netflix - no limits - .

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All the blue are the components that were added to the car.

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This is the equipment list used. The Burmester was hard to get. (Zero Available in the US at the time (September-Oct 2022)...came from Germany of an ebay seller. Great seller by the way.

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The install uses all factory locations - again thanks to this 718 Forum...under passenger seat for 2 AMPs - transparent except for concealed armrest remote.

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Schematic of install.
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Tradeoff with JBL Fuse under seat location. Performance of the JBL Fuse expectations were low. The JBL Fuse under seat is tight (might lose 0.5-.75 inches of seat down ability - very little clearance too - watch out for seat sensors!) but the benefit of a little lost seat down is getting surprisingly great bass, a butt, and back massage is second to none. Truly amazing bass and totally unexpected. The Burmeister dash subwoofer is insufficient by itself and gets buried with the JBL Fuses. Again, thanks to this forum (and Alex who installed it and Ramin who backs it) for showing what they did. You can take a look at this link for more info on the JBL Fuse... see: PCM 4.0 Audio Upgrade to Base Sound System

Advanced Car Stereo link: Home - Advanced Car Stereo main number: (951) 299-3840 10555 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92505 .

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- Details 2021 | Page 3 | Porsche 718 Forum .

My conclusion...I was set out to match the sound I had in the 2007 BMW M6 Logic-7 stock radio speaker amp system. I can safely say that this 718 install meets and exceeds my expectations. Very clear Hertz speakers...great bass with the JBL and dash Burmester. as a result, I can drive at 100 mph top down and still get blown away by sound and back and butt massage...its pretty awesome to have a real sound system in this car. It makes the car much more enjoyable for years to come.

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thank you very much.
I am thinking about putting a tweeter to the back as I really feel it missing.
Agreed!!! truly missing in my base config...no speakers at all...nice speaker grills with nothing behind...so crazy to build such a nice car like this...the seats need to be positioned back an inch or two for the sound to happen though...

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more install pics and details please!
do the JBL subs fit under the seat at their lowest setting (on the seat)?

Question: you fit TWO amps under the passenger seat AND a subwoofer? Yes.

Question: is this the factory Bose system? No - I did not have Factory Bose...I had SPP (Analog version without any Amplifier)

Question: did you use a NAV tv zen processor to get a digital input? No - my head unit is flashed Analog and so there is no Zen Processor and no need to re-flash to Fiber Optic Outputs.

this is awesome!! more pics n details please!!!! Thanks! see below

The JBLs: Question: "do the JBL subs fit under the seat at their lowest setting (on the seat)?" Not 100%. Maybe 70-75%. You will have to sacrifice half inch or so of positioning down the seat...it is very tight. The amps are completely below the floor tucked away and have no impact to the seat whatsoever. The reason is that space under the seat is below the carpet and reserved for the factory amplified (Bose or Burmester) as can be seen in the picture below.
Thanks to many here on "718 Forum" we know that under the passenger seat is the factory space for the Bose and/or Burmester Amp. See (1) Audio Upgrade for a Spyder w/ BOSE | Porsche 718 Forum . .You can see extra space under the seat cavity.
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Also another great article form "718 Forum" actually provide measurements. Here is a picture of that.
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I followed this idea originally and simply updated the Amps.
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the picture below is my install (with the 2 Audison Amps - same location under the passenger seat:
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