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The "Hold Function"

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I have a question about what Porsche calls the “Hold Function” on my standard transmission 718 Boxster. The purpose of the Hold Function is to keep the vehicle from rolling back when you are stopped at a traffic light on a hill. Great idea, but the driveway to my garage is a hill, and it has become a problem. In addition to the driveway incline there is a slight bump at the curb and another slight bump as you enter the garage. That means entering the garage in one continuous motion is difficult. If I slow down by depressing the clutch and the car starts to roll back even slightly, the Hold Function actuates the brakes. If I then engage the clutch the brakes don’t seem to release (like the Parking Brake does) and the brakes and engine fight each other. There doesn’t seem to be a way out of that situation other than going back into the street and starting over. Has anyone experienced this problem? Is there a trick to get the brake to release? The owner's manual says drive off normally but that doesn't seem to work. The dealer wants me to the car in, but my 2012 Boxster had the same problem. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
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Once in a while my 2012 981 with PDK used to do the same thing & I don't even have a steep drive. I do however have to reverse in at an angle very carefully edging in & there is a very slight bump on entrance (& I mean slight). I quite often used to experience the very problem you encounter & that meant taking it out of reverse & engaging drive, moving forward a fraction & then re-engaging reverse (a pain with PDK as well). It just stubbornly wouldn't budge otherwise. Sorry, but I never did find any way to avoid it, though it fortunately didn't occur every time. It seemed to be in my case that the little bump on entry sometimes upset the system. Strangely I've yet to experience the same issue with my 718 (982).
I just re-read my earlier post & realise that I omitted some information. When I queried the matter with my nearest Porsche dealer I was told by the head technician that they often got the same issue when driving cars on & off the workshop lift ramps.
Porsche has a video on the hold function.
Its pretty basic, so not sure if this helps.
Hopefully Sharkamok's posted video will help, but it's also very possible you aren't doing anything wrong. I know it's a different transmission, but my point is that a PDK is essentially doing everything for you & yet that can still happen. I'd be carefully reversing into the garage up a very slight gradient & just as the back end went over the small bump at the entrance I'd feel the brakes apply. After that there was no alternative other than to select forward pull out & have another go. I certainly wasn't depressing the clutch & allowing the car to roll backwards (it isn't possible because there isn't a manually operated clutch). I was also reversing backwards up a gradient & not backwards down one & cars don't roll up hill, but quite frequently at that bump the brakes would lock. The technician stated that it was something that they encountered all the time when manoeuvring on & off the workshop ramps with both manual & PDK equipped cars. He was pretty adamant that it was the little bump catching the system out & there there was nothing actually wrong (they are just extremely sensitive apparently). Being as I owned the car from new in 2012 until recently, it was always apparent & the problem only ever occurred when parking in my garage (at that little bump) I've had no reason to doubt what he told me. I know that's not particularly helpful to your problem, but if it reassures you that it may not be your car control at fault then I suppose that's something.
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Yes, your information is helpful. I am not sure, at this point, I want wast my time at the dealer only to have them say nothing is wrong. I did ask if the Hold Function could be disconnected and was told no.
This is interesting. I have the MT as well and I've only noticed the hold option come on it I come to a complete stop on an upward incline. If I just put the clutch in and roll to a stop, the car will start rolling backwards without the hold coming on.
I don't use the foot brake when the problem occurs . I just slow down by pushing the clutch in. I am going to try stopping with the foot brake and then proceeding to see if that helps the situation.
I have been experimenting with my rather unique situation. If I enter my inclined driveway and then stop using the foot brake before proceeding, the Hold Function appears to work as it should.
Just like to put in my experience
Just got my 718C Manual

My Hold function after first use broke. LED no longer comes on.
It would randomly activate without indication and cause me to stall the car.
370km in. Stalled 6 times due to this issue. No matter how I give gas and regulate the clutch, it just stalls.
I will have to bring it back to their service department after 2 days...
Subaru may not have invented the hill hold function, but they have had it for many years and it works seamlessly.

As you release the clutch, the brakes release and you drive off without having to overcome the brakes. The system doesn't have to see forward motion to release.

I wonder if Porsche looked at the design of the Subaru system?
Love this feature on my PDK. Use it at most stoplights even on flat ground.
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