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The King is Dead long live the 718

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I brought my 718 by accident..... quite literally

In May 2017 I was riding my Harley Davidson Road King to Nottingham.
An inpatient motorist on a side road pulled out in front of me, saw me at the last second and stopped in the middle of the road, leaving me no where to go.
I did an emergency stop (leaving a 20 foot skid mark) and thought to myself "I've got this".
- I hadn't - , the next thing I heard was a crashing sound, I saw the flash of the cars bonnet and then smacked into the tarmac on the other side of the car.
My Road King was dead.
My third Harley,I had owned it for 17 years from new, it had been in mint condition till then.
I ended up in Hospital, I had suffered a few broken ribs & some bad cuts & bruises to my legs.
(I had bent the 1" steel handlebars up and back in the impact. At the time I thought I had broken my legs. It felt like someone had beaten them with a baseball bat.)
The car driver admitted full responsibility for the accident and I was paid out by the insurance company for my bike and injuries.
What do I do now?
I couldn't quite face spending £20,000 to buy a new Road King.
I had test driven the previous Cayman in 2015, but we ended up moving house instead.
So I had a go in a 718. I wasn't expecting to like it after having read the reviews by motoring journalists.
But I was blown away by the car!
We placed our order in November 2017 & collected the car on 1st March 2018.
2 litre Cayman in Night Blue Metallic with the 18" wheels and Manual transmission, plus £7000 worth of extras.
I'm not going to track my car so the 2 litre engine is more than enough for road use.
I picked the spec for comfort on long journeys.
The intention is to use the car for holidays in Italy and France etc.
So far we have clocked up 4000 miles in the car.
Every time I get in the car it feels special, not just traveling from A to B.

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Thanks Stuart, welcome and interesting background plus you have to go with what makes sense for you re your Harley and a 718 is no bad move ;-)

Gorgeous motors, great specs on yours, on mine I do love the sports crono package and with its yellow dials . . .
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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