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the *other* VTG turbo in Porsche lineup...

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...is also fast. Interestingly, it shares very similar bore/stroke and turbo compressor size with the 718 S. Not surprisingly, sounds a bit similar.

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For me the interesting part is how much tyre squeal he gets.:eek:

No matter how spirited my drive, I have yet to hear a noise from the tyres. Of course I'm on public roads (and I still have "chicken strips" on my motorcycle tyres:laugh:).
For me the interesting part is how much tyre squeal he gets
Same here. I think it's because of the full-depth tread on those Pirellis versus the track-orented semi-slick Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tire that gives such a big advantage on these Nordschliefe tests for the GT series cars and many others. I think maybe the video is making a point about this being a true street car with street tires...not a track-oriented special demanding lots of compromise in real-world driving.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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