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Sergiu Tudose from CarScoops has been listening to his peers gripe about the Porsche Boxster for years, around twenty in fact, and the two door has certainly come a long way since then.

By no means were the reviews purely negative as journalists complimented the Boxster’s balanced feel on roads and around twists, but they always managed to find some fault, claiming that it was too boring or too slow. Jeremy Clarkson certainly wasn’t a fan either when he was still a presenter for Top Gear, claiming it was "cramped for fully grown men, the clutch is a bit of a faff and the styling is a bit backwards."

Those statements may have merit as the first generation Porsche Boxster was sporting some odd looking ''fried-egg'' headlamps and people weren’t a fan of the cabin quality. These faults were improved in the second-generation though he felt like it was still missing something. Then came the Boxster Spyder in November 2009, a turning point for this model with its lighter body and powerful engine, cranking out a good 320 hp and 272 lb-ft of torque.

Third generation was where the Boxster really flexed its styling chops with a body inspired by both the 911 and 918. The Spider version that was launched in 2013 was touted as the fastest Boxster ever made at that time, sprinting to 62 mph in just 4.3 seconds.

Then we have the current fourth-generation 718 Boxster with a longer, wider and lower body compared to its predecessors. Sure, there will still be nay-sayers, but the 718 is undoubtedly stunning with the right combination of paint and wheels.

It took some time, but Tudose believes that Porsche has finally gotten it right.
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