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This May Be The One

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Went by the local dealership with my wife to just "window shop" to maybe resurrect our on-again, off-again pursuit of a Porsche. I have been interested in a Cayman for a long time and have been trying to sell my purchasing agent on the idea. She loves our current car (MB SLK) and there hasn't been anything she's seen that has swayed her in my thinking. After I drove a 991.2 at the PEC I considered that maybe she would like it better so I thought we could stop in and see some cars and maybe ignite some interest. For her, the aesthetics are huge and she finds most Porsches to be clad in bland colors and doesn't find the black interiors that most have to be very appealing. But today we came upon a Cayman S with manual trans, chrono, in Carmine Red w/Boxster wheels. She actually dug it. Even liked the red calipers and the black interior was not a factor. This could be in the running but it has a couple of odd things in the build that I'm not sure are deal breakers but not sure if they are things I will regret not having. It's equipped with the Sports plus seats (good) but only two-way adjustment. Seems comfortable but a car of this price should have very adjustable seats. And then it has heated and ventilated seats but does not have dual zone climate control. I've read others complain of this non-thermostat air system but in a car that is not going to be a daily driver or used on long-distance trips, I'm unsure if this is going to make a difference. Am I being too picky or are these couple of things negligible? You guys who have cars specced with those options (or rather lack of), what do you think?
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The seats are not a huge deal. I'm sure I can dial in a comfortable position with the two-way. The seats themselves are quite comfy so that is a help. Was more unsure about the climate control. But I appreciate the feedback. Going to try and make a push for this car I think.
(Made the deal....hehe :D)
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Thanks! I’m a little old to be saying this but I am so f***ing stoked!!
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Appreciate everyone’s input. Been a long time coming. I’m happier than a tornado in a trailer park.
Thanks! I'm really pleased with the options on this. Could it have more creature comforts? Sure. But ultimately I am happy behind the wheel doing my "manual" labor. The seats are really comfy and I don't need any power adjustments. I just got back from a loop drive after disabling the Soundaktor. Talk about a good and cheap "mod". Love the cabin sounds now. Much friendlier (and the Bose system sounds better too!).
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