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Thrilled to join

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Hi all,
It is middle of the night where i am, and i can't sleep :)
Coming from 2019 370Z Nismo and 2019 Renault Megane R.S. Cup,
I decided that splitting my time between two wonderful but very different cars was a bit of a hassle.
Loved them both. Tracked them both. Sold them both, At the same time.
Each had it's pros and cons, and i thought that it would be nice to have a sports car that takes only the pros from each.
That would be a blast.
The Nismo, a legend of a car, 3.7L NA RWD, 350 HP that are fully usable on the track. day to day? not so much. you have to really rev it to enjoy it.
But then you go to jail :), but hey, it's a true 2 seater coupe, which i love.
The Megane R.S., a 280 HP 1.8L Turbo FWD (including 4 wheel steering, which is wonderful), very capable car on the street and on the track,
(currently the Ring FWD champ in it's top Trophy-R trim), loved the low end torque, the turbo engine sound, the agility.
I enjoyed driving it more then the Nismo, i also liked the DCT gearbox more then the Nismo manual, i humbly admit.
But its a hatchbak... too Many seats and the kids are in College.
So, went to my Local Porsche dealer, traded them both, for a new 718 Cayman:)
I did spend some time researching what would best suit me in terms of which one to get: GTS 4.0 or the 718 base.
Took an hour to decide on the base 718 Cayman.
I can only guess that i will enjoy it more as a daily, and daily it will be, save some money and time along the way.
And it's here, at the Dealers Customs house, all new and waiting.
On paper, it much closer to the R.S. in terms of drivability, i hope.
Probably way better, RWD, Mid engine and all.
Never driven it before, not even a test drive...
The new GTS?, i'm not waiting. Not even for the sound. Maybe in the future, when it's PDK'ed and after a long and thorough test drive.
Taking delivery today or tommorrow, wish me luck.
Thrilled to join the Porsche family, and this forum.
Stay healthy,
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I am a frequent tel-aviv flyer hope to see your beauty somewhere there. very cool wheels by the way
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