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In 'Five Part Harmony', a comparison of the entire Porsche sports-car line, Road & Track said of the 2.5 liter four-cylinder turbo:

"The turbo-four gets more boost, lower down and delivered more gradually, on demand. It sticks better and obviously comes off the turns and down the straights faster. On the road, the same, except that there's less need to be in the right gear because the turbo makes them all right. And it goes fast with a remarkably small thirst for its speed."

In subjective evaluations by five R&T staff members, the turbo-four engine scored 8.8 (out of a perfect 10); compared to 6.8/7.2 for 911 n/a and turbo variants. For overall price-independent staff preference, the turbo-four led all cars with 23 (out of a possible 25); compared to 12/9 for the 911 models.

The turbo-four was the 944 Turbo, and the date was June 1986.
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