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Tire Wear

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For those here with longer Cayman/Boxter experience, how would you characterize tire wear mileage?

For instance, would you say the front tires last about twice as long as the rears? If so, then when the original rears wear out and are replaced, the fronts still have a lot of wear remaining. So you replace those worn rears with the same brand/model tire and go until all four are worn out about the same time?

My 2017 Cayman S has about 12k miles on it, and the dealer is suggesting I should consider changing the rear tires "soon". But the fronts have more tread left; hard to say just how much mileage that translates to. These are 20" Goodyears. I would like to change to Michelin 4S all-round but I'm reluctant to "waste" remaining mileage on the front Goodyears!

Thinking back, I recall a similar situation years ago with my 91 Toyota MR2. Rear tires were shot at 19k and replaced. I "flipped" all four tires on their rims inside-to-outside at 28k to extend the wear, as they were wearing more on the inside. When I traded the car in at 40k all four needed replacement. So on that mid-engine car the fronts lasted roughly twice the mileage of the rears.
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When I traded my CS in the dealership stated my rear tires look "tired" after 7300 miles of I must say spirited driving; of which the first 2K break-in miles were sedate. I know that Porsche tires are an expense but I will factor in for the sheer joy of driving.......worth every penny.
I'll look to change my tires when they get to the wear indicators on the tires.

I have the Yokohama advans. The rears seem to wear twice as fast as the fronts. So I've already replaced the rears, and the fronts are still fine. When the fronts wear out, which will probably also be when this set of rears wear out I'll swap all four out for Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.
How many miles did you get out of the rear tires?
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