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Tire woes -- big time

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I am stunned about tire wear, and need some advice on a good tire for my 2017 Boxster S.

I bought it in May 2018, with only 258 miles on it. Came with Pirelli P-Zeros front and back. In late September, at 5,600 miles, my rear passenger tire was completely run down, with thread showing. The other rear tire was almost there as well. I do *not* drive aggressively. Mostly local street driving and highway driving. No track. On the highway, I rarely exceed 80-85 MPH.

I replaced the two rears with Bridgestone Potenza S001. Now, after just 3 months and 3,400 miles, the tread is down to about 2/32's. I'm like "WTF???"

This is my first Porsche, and I didn't expect to have to replace tires twice a year (or more).

Immediate question: What kind of tire will give me, shall we say, "a bit more mileage"? (FWIW, I live in Florida, so winter weather is not a factor.)

What's a reasonable expectation of tire life here? Like I say, my driving is tame.

Suggestions on tire type would be greatly appreciated. Insight into realistic expectations would help too.

Right now, I can't drive the car, because I picked up a nail/screw. Tech wouldn't repair it because of the low tread.... So I'm kinda in a hurry.

Thanks. And Happy New Year!
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I have a 17 Cayman S PDK. Factors that determine wear are: 1. pressure (under, over, proper) 2. Alignment - caster, camber, toe in 3. Rotation - limited on 718's due to the fact that the front and rear tires are different sizes and cannot be rotated/cross rotated. I have Michelin PS4S (one series wider than stock) on the front/rear and am running Nitrogen. Nitro stays more stable throughout the year with temperature variations and the molecule doesn't "leak out over time" as much as regular air. The above factors combined can determine premature tire wear. I run 30-31 PSI cold and check them regularly. I ran Nitro in my Vette for 2yrs and tracked the stability of the tire pressure. All of these variable must be synchronized or you will experience premature tire wear. I know the Michelin tire guy who has a Cayman and he can run any tire he wants and he said he will be switching to the PS4S tires when it comes time to replace his. There are many good tires on the market - do your research, talk to a lot of owners who have the same car as you and choose accordingly. CHECK your tires regularly particularly when there are significant temperature changes and you should find you will get as much tread life as is possible. Take pics and post them. What pressure are/were you running? The harder you drive the tires the faster they will wear out - that's reality. I hope this helps you to find the tire you are looking for.... OH I almost forgot - if you have suspension issues that too could effect tire wear. I hope this helps!
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