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Tires fitment - Turbo 20in wheels

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I have a CS with PASM 20mm (drop) with Turbo 20in Wheels...

I realized that the OEM tires/wheels setup have a rear to front tire diameter difference of 0.8in or 20mm, rear tire size bigger than the front...

I will like to have a wider tire size in the rear...thinking about the 295/30 setup instead of the 265/35... any issues with fitment?

the new setup:
235/35 F + 295/30 R will give me a 0.5in difference in tire diameter between them...

Tire comparison:
Tire Size Side wall tire diameter tire width
265/35 3.7 in 27.3 in 10.4 in
295/30 3.5 in 27 in 11.6 in

What are your comments?

Thanks in advance!
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I also was suggested to use the following setup:

245/35 F + 275/35 R...

I can consider to increase to 245/35 for the F.
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