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Titan 7 wheel fitment for 718 ?

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Thinking of going with the Titan 7 wheels for my autocross track tires and wheels. The wheel sizes are 19x9 ET48 and 19x10 ET35

My only concern is the front wheel fitment and how much camber you have to run to prevent rubbing and what size tires would work. Seems the fitment is pretty aggressive. The goal would be to run a min of 245 but prefer 255.

I will be installing Ohlin Road and Track suspension and want to run an alignment that is a good compromise between street and and Autocross/open track. Figuring -1.5 to -2 degrees camber. I dont mind a bit extra wear, but I dont want the car to have poor manners on the street.

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Im trying to avoid the requirement of having to do lower control arms or upper mounts to run the tires and wheels initially as I want to do this in stages.

keep in mind LCAs move the strut out from the bottom.
They don't help much with clearance at the top of the wheel arch.
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