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Today we went x-c skiing

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Yes, two pairs of skis do fit inside a 718 Cayman. You just have to know how to fit them in. My sweetie's 185's fit across the back. My 205's have to go along side my sweetie's feet.

The two bunnies have ridden with us on other local trips. The new guys is Bob the bobcat from Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge.

At the Bretton Woods Ski Touring Center

Mt. Washington Hotel in the background

Today was windy, gusts to 35mph, but not so cold. A lovely day in the woods

My sweetie insists on taking pics of me. Don't know why

Of course we had to drive home

Putting the cupholders to good use
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A word of advice:

Keep the skis, snowboards, skibags out of the car. Get roof rails if you can, get magnetic ski racks if you have to. You don't want to share a major accident with your skis. It is not smart and they are sharp!

I've used magnetic ski racks to 80 mph (130 kmh whatever it is in Good Christian Units) with no problem. They do have some safety straps you can take inside the car (another discussion topic).
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