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Today we went x-c skiing

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Yes, two pairs of skis do fit inside a 718 Cayman. You just have to know how to fit them in. My sweetie's 185's fit across the back. My 205's have to go along side my sweetie's feet.

The two bunnies have ridden with us on other local trips. The new guys is Bob the bobcat from Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge.

At the Bretton Woods Ski Touring Center

Mt. Washington Hotel in the background

Today was windy, gusts to 35mph, but not so cold. A lovely day in the woods

My sweetie insists on taking pics of me. Don't know why

Of course we had to drive home

Putting the cupholders to good use
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Im on a four day ski trip at Whistler right now, flew here but needed to drive a little to my friend’s house prior to us going to the airport.

Bit of advice, snowboard and skis fit great in the 718 BUT NOT THE WAY YOU DID IT. Much cleaner: put them in a ski/snowboard bag, slide the bag in from the trunk STRAIGHT THROUGH, over the engine cover/mat and between the two seats. Depending on length of skis/board/bag, the bag will come out by and between your two heads/headrests. Doesn’t interfere with driving at all, (well you can’t see out the rear view mirror) just be careful getting into the car, bumped my head once or twice. Oh and unscrew the little trunk cover that hides what’s in your trun

My prior car, Nissan 370Z, the snowboard and ski bag fit in the same way. I’ve got one soft snowboard bag that fits both the board, the skis and at least one set of boots.

i’ll try to take a picture of what it looks like when I come back Monday. I’ll post here if I don’t forget.
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My snowboard is 164, and my skis I think are 167s. They just fit in the snowboard bag. Had the board, the skis, one pair of boots, and some other things in the bag laying over the engine cover, and over the brace. As a whole, it’s largely just a relatively soft bag. And although I appreciate the comment about sharp skis, this really just becomes a long bag and wide bag that would have nowhere to go but forwards towards the windshield for something bad happen.
Not saying I do this daily, but once or twice a year should be OK. I do think the whole thing is somewhat safer when placed in a ski or snowboard bag, versus just individual skis and poles.

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So this is how I fit a bag with both a snowboard and skis, plus at least one set of boots, in the 718.


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