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Top 10 Most Anticipated 2016 Geneva Motor Show Debuts

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The 2016 Geneva Motor Show will kick off next week and there’s a lot to be excited about.

Often home to debuts of some of the world’s craziest and most exotic supercars, the Geneva Motor Show is also one of the largest auto shows in the world. Unfortunately, we now live in an age where the Internet plays a bigger role in car unveilings than actual auto shows, so many automakers now take advantage by unveiling their debuts ahead of time.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some that are still kept under wraps. We may have already seen photos for many of the debuts heading to the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, but there’s nothing like checking them out in the flesh.
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Really looking forward to that F-Type and even more so as its Mercedes rival comes to market, that whole space of super high performance coupes in this segment is just heating up!
Interested to see the Bugatti Chiron with all the boasting they're doing. This year seems to be the year of supercars.
There's already videos of it online, one letting you hear how it sounds and its impressive. Too bad Bugatti didn't step into the next generation sooner than this. But it is falling into place all in good timing.
Porsche brought a grey 718 Boxster to the Geneva show and it doesn't look as good as the brighter colors.

They also showed off the 2016 911 R. I actually like the stripes on this one and I usually hate them.

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Actually I like that grey because it meets a perfect middle ground of letting various parts of the vehicles design be seen and not hidden, plus it brings a level of class to an entry-level model which serves it well. Just not sure if i'd buy it.
I don't know, I think brighter colors brings out all the angles and curves of the body. Don't think you'll go for a grey one or a 718?
Well from experience there's no standard approach aside from the fact that if a car looks good in white it will look good in just about any other color. But colors overall will vary from model to model.
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