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TPMS Failure

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First, this in not your garden variety change in temperature/pressure or reset and drive a bit TPMS problem.

BGTS 4.0 2023 with 1,500 miles started getting TPMS failure and warning lights at about 1,100 miles. The TPMS worked intermittently about 15 percent of the time for the next several hundred miles. Sometimes it seemed to work perfectly, sometimes it would show pressure data a one or more tires and just the double dash "--" on the others.

The dealer has had it for a week and has replaced a couple of the in-tire sending units and the "module". The problems persist.

If anybody has any experience or knowledge about this that might be helpful I'd appreciate hearing about it. I think my dealership may benefit from knowing about an experience one of you has had...

Thanks in advance...
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Interesting thread here, post 17 has a pdf attachment although does not mention your year...

Interesting thread here, post 17 has a pdf attachment although does not mention your year...

Thank you for that. I sent it to my SA. My dealership is as nice as can be, but sometimes seems to gloss over things.

This is my second trip to the dealer. First trip they reset with MFD controls and sent me home. I got about a mile before the problem came back.

I told them when leaving it the first time that I'd reset it a number of times already...
Update. My Porsche dealer determined that the aftermarket audio I had installed was interfering with communication of the TPMS. I was skeptical (to say the least).

I contacted the pro company that put the aftermarket audio equipment and (to my great surprise) was told that occasionally the audio amp that was installed in my car can generate a signal that interferes with the communication of the TPMS on a Porsche.

The audio guy is ordering another version of the same amp with different firmware (?) to eliminate the problem.

I don't know much about audio or TPMS systems. I'm hopefully going to be getting a new amp soon and hope this solves the problem.

I'm posting this because I've learned that some other people have inexplicable or unsolvable TPMS problems...

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Porsche TPMS Relearn Procedures: Huf RDE010 / RDE011

Resetting the System:

1) With the vehicle stationary, select MAIN MENU using the rocker switch.
2) Select TIRE PRESSURE and press the reset button.
3) Select SETTINGS.
4) Select TYRE TYPE.
5) Select TYRE SIZE (choose the closest size to what is currently installed on the vehicle)
6) The vehicle should now be driven for up to 25mins in order for the sensors to be recognized by the vehicle. All other sensors should be more than 20 feet away from the vehicle at all times. If a 25 minute drive above 20mph has not successfully reset the system, redo the reset procedure but before driving, deflate each tire 5-8psi, reinflate to the door placard spec, then drive for up to 30 miles continuously
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FWIW, I did the reset this morning and after driving for about 10 min it seems fine. Go figure.
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