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TPMS indicator

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Each of my tires is properly inflated (approx. 31 psi cold) but the TPMS indicator won't turn off. I assume I have a bad sending unit in one of the wheels. The car is CPO, so I'm not terribly concerned, but is this common?
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I didn't add air. Simply started the car, backed out of the driveway, the indicator lit up (along with a chime), and 30 minutes down the road the indicator was still lit and still chiming.TPMS showed 32 psi all around. Turned off the car, restarted it twenty minutes later to return home, and the same thing occurred. I haven't driven it since.
Check and make sure the multifunction display has the correct tires selected. Stock 18 inch tires are supposed to have 29 psi in them (although they need to be 1 pound higher for every 15 degree difference between warm garage and cold outside). If you have 18s on your car, but the car thinks you have 20s, it may be thinking you have too little air in your tires.
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