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TPMS Issues

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Hi all i'm a corvette guy that just purchased his first porsche at 51 years old. I bought a 2017 Boxster S. with 52,000 on the clock, and I'm enjoying it immensely thus far. Prior to purchase, the original owner brought the car into a service center because one of the TPMS monitors wasn't working. The sensor was replaced, and the car did not throw any codes when I took ownership. Fast forward about a month, and I started getting this message with a yellow flashing exclamation on the left side of the dash. When i go into the tire pressure screen, the car is not reading any of the four sensors. I have driven the car a number of times and been on the highway as well. At no time am I getting any readings. Any tips or tricks on troubleshooting prior to bringing it in is much appreciated. Thank you.

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Did you try doing a TPMS reset? I.e, reselecting tire type and size and then driving for it to relearn?
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