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TPMS trips when tires are inflated above recommended pressure?

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I recently had my OEM 18” wheels swapped for a set of 18” Victor Sascha wheels (0.5” wider all around). I had the OEM Pirelli P Zero tires and TPMS sensors moved to the new wheels.

That was last Saturday. I didn’t drive on Sunday or Tuesday, but I drove on Monday and Wednesday. Not sure if that’s relevant.

The tire shop inflated my tires to 36 and the onboard pressure reading registered all 4 sensors and that they were +7. When I got back to my car on Wednesday evening, my TPMS indicator was lit and the onboard pressure readings never reached a value by the time I arrived home. I did pull over and check my pressures with a gauge and all were within 35-36, as expected.

I went to the tire shop the next morning and their reader got values from all 4 sensors. We speculated that maybe Porsche is more strict about pressures and lowered them to the recommended 29. All seems to be well now.

My question: are these cars really stricter about pressure being “too high” in addition to too low, or was that just a coincidence? I’ve been in the habit of running my tires a pound or two above the recommended pressure and wonder if that’s still reasonable.

Edit: updated the actual pressure set by the tire shop (36, not 35)
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@neilr_ I have the 18" wheels and Pirelli P Zeroes also, and also I'm further south than you in Kentucky. During the summer months, I start my tires out at 29 psi as directed by the manual. Depending on how hard I use them, they get up to 31 or so. On the race track, they start out at 26 psi in the cool morning air but make 29 or 30 on my way to the track for summer HPDE driving, and on the track they get up to about 32 psi. A senior instructor examined my tires after I managed to do a nice 360 in the grass and suggested, by not seeing appropriate sidewall wear, that I lower my pressures a psi which I didn't do because pictures of my car and tires on the track show the full width of tread being used. I probably should listen to someone with much more experience than I, but sometimes the teenager creeps out of this old guy. In winter, my condo's underground garage maintains about 60 degrees. I raise the tire pressures 1 psi/15 degrees difference of colder outside air, so I add about 2 psi to each tire for 31 psi and outdoor temperatures of 30 degrees. It seems to work out well. For what it's worth.
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