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TPMS trips when tires are inflated above recommended pressure?

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I recently had my OEM 18” wheels swapped for a set of 18” Victor Sascha wheels (0.5” wider all around). I had the OEM Pirelli P Zero tires and TPMS sensors moved to the new wheels.

That was last Saturday. I didn’t drive on Sunday or Tuesday, but I drove on Monday and Wednesday. Not sure if that’s relevant.

The tire shop inflated my tires to 36 and the onboard pressure reading registered all 4 sensors and that they were +7. When I got back to my car on Wednesday evening, my TPMS indicator was lit and the onboard pressure readings never reached a value by the time I arrived home. I did pull over and check my pressures with a gauge and all were within 35-36, as expected.

I went to the tire shop the next morning and their reader got values from all 4 sensors. We speculated that maybe Porsche is more strict about pressures and lowered them to the recommended 29. All seems to be well now.

My question: are these cars really stricter about pressure being “too high” in addition to too low, or was that just a coincidence? I’ve been in the habit of running my tires a pound or two above the recommended pressure and wonder if that’s still reasonable.

Edit: updated the actual pressure set by the tire shop (36, not 35)
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