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Tracking a 718 BS

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Hello everyone,
I am considering tracking my 2017 BS. Car has 20" wheels. Manual trans, no PASM, sport chrono, otherwise totally stock. I have 20 years DE experience, 10 years PCA Instructor, mainly in a track prepped 87 911. My goal is to track the 718 a few times a year, basically in order to participate and stay somewhat fresh with my driving skills. I would plan to do 9/10ths but as you may know sometimes we just gotta push a bit more.
Plan to do brake fluid, possibly place track pads. Any pad recommendations? Anyone pushed these cars with stock pads?
How about tires re grip and tire wear?
Any other concerns, or suggestions or warnings?
I have set the 87 911 back to street prep, but another option would be to track that car. But with 217 HP it'll be the slowest car out there. Hmm...
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Thanks for your responses. I think I will track the Boxster and use Motul brake fluid. Still undecided as to whether to go directly to track pads or try to stay with stock. 1st event would be Road America. I have a tendency to brake hard and late, so track pads might be the answer. I have done lots of track days at RA, mainly as I mentioned in a prepped 87 911, but I've also done a few weekends in a 996 Turbo; the Turbo was stock with track pads and fluid. My main concern in tracking the Boxster is the body roll of stock suspension and tire wear with 20 inch tires. Definitely looking forward to experiencing the mid engine feel at speed.
Here's my brake pad track experience: 6 days on stock pads, decent on rotors; 9 days on Pagid Yellows, hard on rotors; 11 days on Ferodo, decent on rotors (call Clark at Apex Performance).
Tires: Nitto NT01's w/18" wheels, one size wider front and rear from stock.
Alignment: Tarrett adjustable camber plates: 2.2 neg front and 1.7 neg rear, zero toe front
JCJ did you feel you had solid braking with little fade with the stock pads?
Any suggestions on how to best tie them aside? I'm thinking of doing that as well, but don't want them to get caught in anything (brakes, or other moving bits.)

Thanks in advance.
You can zip tie them back around brake line...
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