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tricks to blending in

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I have always owned vehicles that seem no different from 98% of the others on the roads. What have you done to stay "invisible" in either your daily commutes (beyond the obvious: staying in a pack and keeping to the speed limit + 5%) or on country-wide tours (the decision to take back roads vs. freeways, which ultimately comes down to "I'll get there when I get there" vs. "OMG, I am late for a meeting")? I am contemplating driving, not flying, from the midwest to the east coast in March (barring crazy weather). Any advice when staying at hotels, choosing parking garages beyond relying on "your sixth sense"? Use the car cover overnight? Park in an isolated section? Just trying to minimize risk and take sensible precautions (that I never had to think about until now). One's response could be, "**** happens - that is why you have insurance". But I guess I am looking for practical advice [ELI5] that could be baked into various decision-making moments.
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I think you have it right 1812Music. You can fuss about where to park, who is next to you, what might happen, but in the end, the car doesn't perform any different with a ding or road rash. I'll admit I don't want those, but... Those that are considering resale quickly may feel different. However, I'd be curious to know whether a near pristine 2 year old car has a higher value than one that has not been coddled - I think the difference would be negligible, or at least not worth the hassle of constant attention and pampering. I will eat and drink in my car, and drive it on a dirt road to my house.
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