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Turbo PSI reading

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On my 2019 Cayman the right hand dial is set with engine and oil temps and turbo boost. My turbo reads zero and will only go up to 10 or 12 psi momentarily upon hard acceleration and tight back to zero. Is this normal??
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When I first got my Cayman, this was one of four things on my list to have checked. It turned out none of my "problems" were actually problems. First on the list was I never saw the boost pressure, until I was riding with the service manager and saw that if you aren't watching for it, you won't see it. Another "problem" sort of related, was when you scroll through that right gauge, one of the options is a shift helper. I thought, great! What a help it will be keeping below the break in 4,000 rpms. But I couldn't get it to work. Again, the manager showed me that it does work because it doesn't begin registering until you are over 4,000 rpms.
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